PDF File Resize on MAC

14 Apr

tadinya mao nulis tentang cara ngecilin ukuran PDF di MAC. soalnye dari kemaren belon nemu uga caranya. sampe akhirnya dapet pencerahan dari suhu @emyagustia dengan ngasi URL cara ngecilin PDF.
mantabh daah..

How do I reduce the size of the PDF on my Mac?

Reducing the size of a PDF document is an extremely simple process.

1. Open the document you would like to shrink and click on Save As under the File menu.

2. The screen that pops up will require that you select Reduce File Size in the drop down menu labelled Quartz Filter.

3. Save the document with another name and you are good to go.

Yes, it really is that easy! The best thing about the Quartz filter is that you can apply it to any PDF document, whether it be pictures, text or anything else really. Just click the Quartz Filter and you’re set to go, the software does its bit automatically. You can also apply a Quartz Filter to a document you just scaled so it is a double whammy of wins right there!

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